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Lost reality. Weak mind. Weak willpower. What is next? You cannot positively influence your life when you are not emotionally strong. Strength comes from within. Regardless of who your parents are and how much your husband earns, you cannot be a strong woman until you learn how to manage your emotions.

Money will never make you emotionally strong. I have seen many girls fall into desperate and give up while trying to overcome fickle situations and I thought it would be a great idea to share some tips to help you make yourself emotionally and mentally strong lady. So, remember:

1. There is more to life than stress and fear
There are people you love, your hobbies, triumphs, successes, and happiness. There is so much more than stress and fear. Stress does not make you better and fear does not make you happier. Many women suffer from chronic stress because they let it happen. They let stress control their minds and thus their lives. Fear is a complicated thing, but human beings – especially we women – have enough power to keep it at bay.

2. There is an overwhelming road outstretched before you
And that is the major reason to be emotionally strong. Show me at least one person in the world who has never had to handle problems – any types. There is no such a person. Both rich and poor people have problems – even animals face problems. Realize that life is not going to be completely happy and build an emotional stamina on a daily basis so that when a problem pops up, you are ready to tackle it without too much stress.

3. Adaptability fights the biggest life’s misfortunes
Adaptability is not about keeping your mouth shut and allow the situation to grow into a big dilemma. It is about staying comfortable and calm looking for and accepting help. Adaptability is the heart of everything, literally. Adaptable women do not focus on the things they cannot change and the temporary obstacles that require too much effort. They just move to the next challenge and keep doing what is most important.

4. Embrace your past struggles

I am not telling you to dwell on the past. But embracing your past struggles that helped you become who you are now (surely, you are much stronger today than you were yesterday) is a powerful way to recognize your inner strength and become emotionally stronger than ever.

5. Stop sheltering your emotions
Want to say something? Do it. Want to disagree? Do it. Want to stay home instead of partying? Say no. Whether you are an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert, chances are you are guilty of hiding your emotions and keeping silence when you strive to speak up. Give yourself more freedom, even if it means simply screaming into pillows. I mean, who of you can actually do it?

6. Exercise your emotions
Moving your body is crucial while exercising your emotions is a must. Put yourself in situations that will help you grow. That is a huge challenge for introverts, I know it from my own experience. I often find myself in situations that make me feel weird and uncomfortable, but I never run away. Instead, I stay, calming down my fears and constantly repeating myself that I can cope with any emotional risk. Emotional risks help nourish your emotional stamina, helping you become strong.

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